Animal Generic Request at 720 Saratoga St, East Boston

  • Animal Generic Request

  • East Boston / 0212
  • Opened on:

    Injured/Sick | Date Incident Occurred: [10/13/2021] Time Incident Occurred: [23:40] Type of Animal: [Other Not Listed] Animal Size: [Unknown] Multiple Animals: [No] Recurring Issue: [No] Officer Notified: [No] Officer Name or Badge No.: [N/A] Description: [Constituent reports there is a dog at this location that may have an injury.Constituent reports the dog is what sounds to be crying at this location.Constituent does not have any futher information at this time.]

  • Closed on:

    Case Resolved. Invalid address, no dogs observed/heard in the area. MS107.

  • 720 Saratoga St, East Boston