Missed Trash or Recycling at 14 Cranston St, Jamaica Plain

  • Missed Trash or Recycling

  • Jamaica Plain / 02130-4803
  • Opened on:

    Scheduled trash day: [Friday] How was your trash placed out for collection: [Barrel] If 'Barrel', please specify the size of the barrel: [30 gallon] Is your trash curbside pickup or an alley: [Curb Side Pickup] Does the trash contain any construction material, paints, plumbing fixtures or tires: [No] Please provide any additional information (if needed): [Never had a problem before, seems like every other trash was collected except mine]

  • Closed on:

    Resolved. Pick up one trash barrel , just a reminder all house hold trash must be out by 6am. 9/27/21.

  • 14 Cranston St, Jamaica Plain