Rodent Sighting at 6 Everett St, 1, East Boston

  • Rodent Sighting

  • East Boston / 0212
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    East boston is full of rats, i sit out at night, n see them running around the new condo building, 10 everett street, the other night, 2 woman were screaming n pointing, i had to scare the rats so they could get by n go home, the second block on everett street TOOOO MUCH CONSTRUCTION, the city dont seem to really care about crowding us all in, as long as they keep their pockets full, the rats are just trying to survive like anything else, but they keep digging up their homes

  • Closed on:

    Noted. Will write violation please leave contact info for area inspector.

  • 6 Everett St, 1, East Boston